Review: Bourjois Volumizer Mascara

I got this mascara because of Swalkermakeup on youtube. She filmed a tutorial and her lashes were amazing. She is english and it is very common for english people to have really good eyelashes. I am half english, so my eye lashes aren't too bad themselves! :D

Name: Bourjois Volumizer Mascara
Availibility: Shoppers Drugmart
Price: $20
Amount: 11mL / 0.4 fl. oz.
The Tube:

The Steps:

Step 1 Brush:

Step 2 Brush:

Step 1 Brush:

 Step 2 Brush:

 On my Eyelashes:

Step 2 vs Step 1:

Step 2:

After a Shower:


Packaging: 9/10
Product: 19/25
Value: 8/10
Ease of Use: 3.5/5

Total: 39.5/50 = 79% = B+


The packaging is good with the product actually. I really like the fact that there is  2 steps, one is length and two is volume. So if one day you just want a little mascara just to darken your lashes you have it. If you want to clump up your lashes for a night out, you have that too. The packaging is very simple. It takes a little more work to put it on, but we all put more then one coat anyways. :)

The product is alright. I think you need pretty good lashes to begin with. It added a little more to them. But if you have tiny lashes it might clump more and look messier. You have to get used to using Step 2 because it can clump very easily. The other thing I don't like about the product is when you have to take it off. After washing my face in the shower, there is black under my eyes and it is hard to get off after. Makeup wipes get it off okay, there is only a little leftover in the morning. But this is the biggest downfall to the product, and the clumping factor.

The value is alright. I think you can get a good cheaper mascara to do the same thing. But compared to the higher end brands, this price is pretty good. A lot of the MAC mascaras are 7g for $18 but you can get some 11g for $18 as well. But the newest hype, Benefit's They're Real mascara is 8.5g for $29. This one is a good mascara for $20 and I wouldn't mind spending that again.

The product is easy to use, except if you don't like 2 steps. If you are looking for something simple and quick, this mascara probably isn't for you. To get the full outcome of the product, you need to use both steps. Also, if you aren't expecting the clumpiness (is that a word?)  of it, it can be difficult to use since it clumps very easily.

I like this mascara and I would recommend it to someone who doesn't mind spending the extra money and doesn't mind putting that extra step in to it. Also, if they have longer lashes. I would repurchase it when I run out, if there isn't another that is being hyped up! :)

-Caitlin xoxo

August Glymm Box 2

Hey Guys! Okay so I had this as a draft when I thought it had posted. But this is what I got in my August Glymm Box Part 2.
I received 2 boxes because the company had sent me the wrong one. To be honest, it didn't bother me. I loved the stuff I got still. But they sent me a new one anyways. If you got a box in July, you should have received this box instead of the other I showed.

They had run out of the That Gal primer, so I received the Stay Don't Stray primer. I am not sure on the size and full price of it since it isn't on the card. It adds a little nude coverage. Which is good for eye primer. But I use this as primer for my concealer so it adds to that as well. :)

Supergoop: Sunscreen Swipes (SPF 30): These are sunscreen wipes. I am saving them for next summer since the summer was almost over and I didn't do anything that needed a SPF of 30 :P
Full Price: 21 wipes for $34

Smashbox: Lip Enhancing Gloss: I got one of these glosses in my first August Box. And I really like them! They aren't too sticky and they make your lips soft. They have great pigmentation too!
Full Size: 0.2oz for $18

B. Kamins: Vegetable Cleanser: This is a really nice cleanser. I used it a couple times and decided to save it for travelling since it is so tiny. But I bought the B.Kamins Acne cleanser instead :)
Full Size: 6 fl.oz for $34

So that's all I got in my 2nd August Glymm Box. :) I hope you guys enjoy and if you want to subscribe to glymm you can use my referral link if you want. :) Just click the glymm picture to the right! :)

-Caitlin xoxo

Elf Haul

Hey Guys! So a couple weeks ago, ELF was having $1.98 shipping with a minimum $15 purchase. So I decided to order some things. :) I got 4 things! 3 new and one that I needed a refill for. :) 

The first thing I got was the refill and it was the Face Primer. The only thing I don't like about this product is the packaging because you can't tell when you are almost out. So I would order 2 everytime you order. I don't use mine everyday or else I would.

The next thing I got was the Makeup Setting Spray. I have always wanted to try fix + but I don't want to spend that kind of money if I am not going to like it. So I decided to try this one so I get the concept and feel for a product like this. 

Then I decided to get 2 Pigments because I had really loved using my Bella Pierre Cosmetics pigments. So I got a navy and a white. The white has pink reflects to it. So I wouldn't call it ivory. Because no matter what light your in, it looks pink :(

Innocent Ivory:

Breezy Blue:

That is all I got from ELF! :) We don't have stores that sell ELF near me except Winners and they sell the stuff I already have. So I can't test out anything. :( If you have any suggestions let me know in the comments! :)

-Caitlin xoxo

September Glymm Box

Today I got my September Glymm Box and I really wanted to get the video up for you guys so I went to my boyfriends to film! :)
I didn't know when I was going to be able to film the video, so I actually opened the box when I got home instead of doing an open box video :( But that is okay! :)
I loved all of the products in this month's Glymm box. (like always) haha I have already used 3 of the products and the other I am giving to my mom. :)

When you open the box: 

The Message from Glymm:

The Product List:

The stuff inside! :)

John Masters Organics: Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Wash and  Body Milk: This combo smells absolutely amazing! It smells like an orange creamsicle and would be a perfect scent for summer! The body wash works amazing with dry skin flakes when using a towel and the body milk scent lingers on your skin for a long time.
Full Price: 236mL for $25.40
Body Wash Front:

and Back:

Body Milk Front:

and Back:

Oscar de la Renta: Esprit d'Oscar: This perfume has floral, citrus and warm scents in it. I think it is too lady like for me, so instead of letting it sit, my mom is going to try it out. :)
Full Size: 1.6oz for $78
The Packaging Outside:

 The Packaging Inside:

 The Bottle:

Vasanti: Rockies Blush: This blush is a gorgeous shade of coral. It is very pigmented so use a light hand to apply. But I think it might be a new favourite of mine for winter. (Since I like to wear pinky shades in the winter)  For size comparison, MAC blushes are 6g.
Full Size: 3.2g for $15
The cute box:

Back of the box:

The front of the Blush:

The back of the blush:

 The name:

The Blush and Mirror:

 The Blush:

 A swatch:

 Elf: Pink Passion, Mac: Pink Swoon, Mac:Her Blooming Cheek, Vasanti: Rockies

On my cheeks:

The Glymm Surprise: Cute Croc Accessory: I got a cute, compact mirror as a special treat in my box! You can never have enough mirrors. Especially for touch ups. :) The one mirror is a little bit more zoomed in but not by much.

The front:

The two mirrors:

 The bottom is more zoomed in:

And of course I got jelly beans! This time they were purple and white to match the message card! :)

Once again I am very happy with my Glymm Box and I am so glad I got a years subscription! :) 
If you want your own Glymm box, click the picture to the right and subscribe! :) Its only $0.33 a day! :D

-Caitlin xoxo