Review: Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer

I got this product one day at Walmart because I had heard about it on youtube. I heard it was compared to a tattoo concealer, so it had to be good right? I got the shade medium because they didn't have light when I got it. But I am glad I did for the summer. In the winter, I will need the light shade. :)

Name: Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer
Availability: Walmart
Price: under $6
Amount: 20 g / 0.71 oz

the tube

the product 

 you will never need this much! it just happen to come out :(

 too light for my hand and too yellow based

 to show you how thick it is

 blended (kinda)

 boyfriend's tattoo before and after:

obviously it doesn't match his skin colour and is way too yellow based. but you can see how thick it is.


Packaging: 8/10
Product: 23/25
Value: 10/10
Ease of Use: 3.5/5

Total: 44.5/50 = 89% = A


The packaging is alright. I like how it is in a tube because it doesn't dry out and you can control the amount you use. Although, I don't like tubes because it is hard to see how much you have left. and the top gets messy. :) If you were using this for every day use (like me) the tube is alright, but for bigger areas (like tattoos) the tube is hard to use since not a lot of product comes out. 

The product is amazing! I absolutely love this. :) I will be getting the light one for the winter time since my skin will lighten. But  this concealer is only good for under the eyes. It is a yellow-based concealer for covering up blues. This isn't really good for spots so it is still nice to have another concealer if you are prone to spots. I use my mac one. :) As you can see from the pictures above, it is really thick and creamy and it does cover really well. I find it hard to layer under my eyes if I want a little more coverage though cause it does crease. You could use a primer if you want. I put a little foundation on before my concealer and it helps!

The value is also amazing! You get a lot of product for under $6 (canadian). You barely need any to cover a small area too. That is why the value rating is 100%. You really need a dot tool dot size for both eyes. So this product will last forever. Since I do have to get a lighter shade for the winter, it really will last forever! :)

The concealer is fairly to use. Although, I think since it is so think it is hard to blend and work with. Especially if this was the first one you were trying. I haven't tried using  brush, I think it would be harder because the warmth helps to blend. Also, if you use to much it creases a little right under the eyes. Lastly, it can only be used under the eyes, unless you have yellow toned skin? I don't know. 

I LOVE this concealer! I would totally recommend it to a friend. It is really affordable and the amount you get compared to the amount you use is also amazing. Like I said through out the post, I am repurchasing the lighter shade for the winter! :) 

- Caitlin xoxo

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