Colourful Eyes!

Who doesn't like colourful eyes? Personally, I LOVE them. I know most people wont wear them because:
1. they can't do them.
2. they can't wear them where they work.
3. they don't think they can pull it off.

Well... I can't help you with number 2 :( but I can help you with number 1 and 3.
In my upcoming make up tutorials, I am going to show you have to create two completely different colourful looks and one glittery look. I have worn all of these looks to school and have got sooooo many compliments.
Wearing colourful looks is different so when you do wear them, people will notice and compliment you. 

One girl said, "I bought green for prom and don't know where to wear it again. Yours looks so good!"
I obviously said thank you :P But I also said that you don't need a certain time (like prom) to wear colours. It is up to you what you want to wear. If people judge, they are just jealous.  
Another girl said, "Your makeup looks soo good! I wish I could do that. If I tried, there would be a straight line between the pink and purple."
People don't take the time to learn to do makeup. Which sucks because it is fun! Plus, you can create so many different looks with so many colours. Besides when you learn and practice, it isn't hard at all!

So after all that haha... I will be making tutorials of these 3 looks, plus more! I am starting to use the products I got at IMATS and want to show you guys what I do with them. :) 

Yes... this is what I look like playing with my makeup! Hehe! :)

If you guys have any requests for looks then let me know down below or email me! :) Put the subject as "Request" so I don't erase it by accident! :)
I will be changing up the glitter one a bit.. to make it more smoky because I am going to a Christmas party on Saturday and want it more smoky! But it is a great look for parties or New Years!

Stay Tuned! :)

-Caitlin xoxo

Another New Sigma Collection!

So I said I would let you guys know when the new Sigma collections come out because they have a bunch out before Christmas! Well, they launched a new one today which I want to get soooo bad but I need to save to buy Christmas presents! :( Maybe I will ask for it for Christmas! :) 
It is called the Make Me Up Travel Kits Collection. The kits include 7 essential brushes in travel size. It also comes with the case that turns into 2 brush holders. It is a mini version of the Make Me Up collection with 12 brushes!

It comes in 4 colours: Black, Coral, Aqua and Purple. I want the Coral just so that my travel brushes are different from my normal sized brushes! 
You get:
-E30 Pencil (used for outer v)
-E40 Tapered Blending (blending out the crease)
-E55 Eye Shading (lid colour)
-E65 Small Angle (brows or liner)
-F30 Large Powder (powder...)
-F40 Large Angled Contour (blush or contouring)
-F60 Foundation (foundation...)

All these brushes are essential brushes that I use everyday! (Except the foundation brush but that is because I use my Beauty Blender, but I used to use it and it would be good for travelling)
I actually need replacements for some of these brushes because I have used them almost everyday for the past 2 years. I think Sigma is definitely worth the money because the brushes last forever (well almost)!

So here are some pictures:
Make Me Blush

Make Me Crazy

Make Me Cool

Make Me Classy

The Brush Holders

 The Brushes: E65, E55, F40, F30, F60, E40, E30

I hope you guys check them out! You can click the link at the side ---> or click here to order!

-Caitlin xoxo
(I think I decided to get them haha)

Julep Nail Polish Haul!

I will be posting a video on this next week probably but I thought I would get a head start on the blog since I suck at that haha. I ordered these nail polishes Oct 28, they were shipped Nov 4 and received them Nov 2. The 3rd order I made was Nov 8 and shipped the 14th and I got it today (Nov 23). So it took a really long time to ship but I live in Canada and most things do. But the 3rd order was quicker. So who knows.
I ordered 3 separate orders. The first had 3 polishes, the second had 1 and the third had 2 (buy one get one). My first and second order actually came in the same package though.

I ordered the nail therapy, Pippa, and Gayle the first order and Sienna the second. For the third it was buy one, get one with the colours Emilie and Sienna. So I will be giving away the new Sienna but stay tuned for the video to hear more about that! Unfortunately Emilie broke in the mail :( so I cleaned up Sienna! Hopefully I can get one shipped to me again or if not that is okay! I still paid for one!

Good thing about buying nail polish from Julep: $1 is donated to organizations that support women through their powered by girlfriends program.

Nail Therapy: "Hydrates and protects dry, brittle, peeling nails" $16
Pippa: "An updated neutral camel" (light nude) $14
Gayle: "Regal, deep aubergine" (deep plum purple) $14
Sienna: "Sophisticated, shimmery gold" (metallic gold) $14
Emilie: "Bold and alluring, a statement-making forest green" (teal green) $14

Pippa compared to Camel

The broken Emilie and giveaway! Sienna:
(I would use the previous Sienna I ordered, but I have already used it :( The new Sienna is okay now after I cleaned it with nail polish remover!)

Sienna and Gayle: (don't mind the messy paint job!)

Want to be a Julep Maven? Click Here!
Don't know what a Julep Maven is? Click Here!

-Caitlin oxox

New Collection from Sigma!

Sigma Beauty just came out with a new line of travel kits. They are LIMITED EDITION so get them quick! I want the New York one because it is black and matches the rest of my brushes! But I am saving for the Sigmax brushes :(

They have New York (black), Tokyo (pink) and Paris (red) all for $59. Which isn't a bad price. You get 7 travel-size brushes and a traveling brush holder. There is also London (brown) with 18k gold ferrules and are $89. So a little more expensive but you pay for the gold. 

If you want to order you can follow this link, 

New York: 




Or you can click the banner to the right! All orders over $30 get a free complimentary gift! So if you buy one of these kits, you get a FREE GIFT! 

Click Me!

Also, Sigma is going to be releasing many collections before Christmas so follow my blog to get the pictures and information!

-Caitlin xoxo

November Glymm Box!

To be honest, I didn't think I would like this Glymm box because I thought it would be more of a Luxe box with more skin care stuff. I ended up liking it though! The full size products definitely make up for it and especially since one is a drugstore product, it is inexpensive.

So this is what the box looked like: 

the glymm message:

the product information:

the products! :

Lise Waiter: Flash Lift Radiance Vial: This is a serum that is supposed to help with wrinkles and fatigue. It is meant to be used with all skin types and at any point of the day. I haven't used it yet, and I am kind of worried about the oiliness of it.
Full Price: 7 vials (1mL each) for $27

Rahua: Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner: This shampoo and conditioner is supposed to add shine and strength to your hair. It is 100% natural and organic. But it is super expensive. I wasn't too fond of this the first time. Since it doesn't lather, I feel like you need a lot to get all your hair. I used a quarter sized amount and I didn't get my whole head. 
Full Price: Shampoo $32 and Conditioner is $34 (275mL each)

Orlane Paris: Light Smoothing Cream: This cream is meant for sensitive skin types, which I don't have. But I used it before I put on my make up one morning (it is meant for the morning) and I ended up liking it. It didn't make my face oilier then it normally is like most creams. I just don't think I want to spend the price for cream not meant for my skin type. Even though it works well.
Full Price: $80 for 50mL

RGB: Designer Nail Lacquer: This is an expensive 3free nail polish. To be honest, I still don't know what that means haha. It is supposed to be chip resistant, which I was super excited for, but when I applied it, it didn't even last a day! It chipped like crazy. Maybe it was the colour, formula of the colour, or just my nails? I am not sure.
Full Price: $18 for 125mL

Annabelle: Smudge Paint: This is a gel eyeliner. It is meant to be used as a base when smudge or eye liner. It comes with a brush in the packaging that is good for when you travel because it is hidden. I liked this eye liner. It is found in drugstores which is a bonus! But I don't think the colour is dark enough for me to create a dramatic look. It adds a little to a brown/neutral eye though! I want to try out the purple or blue!
Full Price: $10.95 for 2g
(There is a printable coupon for $1 until the end of January which is linked here!)

And of course, the jelly bellies! I got 2 berry flavours, not sure which ones though :)

This box is worth: 

Lise Watier Vial: $3.86
Rahua Shampoo: $1.16
Rahua Conditioner: $0.99
Orlane Paris Lotion: $4.80
RGB Nail Polish: $18
Annabelle Smudge Paint: $10.95

Total Box: $39.76
But you only pay $10, good deal? I think so!

-Caitlin xoxo

Make sure you order your December Box here!