Another New Sigma Collection!

So I said I would let you guys know when the new Sigma collections come out because they have a bunch out before Christmas! Well, they launched a new one today which I want to get soooo bad but I need to save to buy Christmas presents! :( Maybe I will ask for it for Christmas! :) 
It is called the Make Me Up Travel Kits Collection. The kits include 7 essential brushes in travel size. It also comes with the case that turns into 2 brush holders. It is a mini version of the Make Me Up collection with 12 brushes!

It comes in 4 colours: Black, Coral, Aqua and Purple. I want the Coral just so that my travel brushes are different from my normal sized brushes! 
You get:
-E30 Pencil (used for outer v)
-E40 Tapered Blending (blending out the crease)
-E55 Eye Shading (lid colour)
-E65 Small Angle (brows or liner)
-F30 Large Powder (powder...)
-F40 Large Angled Contour (blush or contouring)
-F60 Foundation (foundation...)

All these brushes are essential brushes that I use everyday! (Except the foundation brush but that is because I use my Beauty Blender, but I used to use it and it would be good for travelling)
I actually need replacements for some of these brushes because I have used them almost everyday for the past 2 years. I think Sigma is definitely worth the money because the brushes last forever (well almost)!

So here are some pictures:
Make Me Blush

Make Me Crazy

Make Me Cool

Make Me Classy

The Brush Holders

 The Brushes: E65, E55, F40, F30, F60, E40, E30

I hope you guys check them out! You can click the link at the side ---> or click here to order!

-Caitlin xoxo
(I think I decided to get them haha)

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