This weekend I am going to IMATS! :) Which stands for the International Makeup Artist Trade Show :) 
It is a big "show" held in 6 different cities every year where you can buy tickets and purchase make up at up to 50% off. Some of the brands in Toronto include: MAC, Makeup Forever, NYX, Crown Brushes and many many more. :) 

IMATS Website! (click to go to the website)

I am going with Jason (my boyfriend) and another girl on youtube, Lindsay (lindsaylovesmac) and her friend. We are staying in a hotel Friday night so we can just get ready and go to the Congress Centre. I have never met Lindsay but talk to her all the time so I am sooo excited to meet her :) 
I hope to vlog a little (even though I never have) but I know lots of you want to meet Jason so I will vlog in the car so he has no choice! :) I don't know how much I will vlog there but I will for sure take lots of pictures! I hope to meet many of the people I watch on youtube and take pictures with them! When I get back I will post all of the pictures on my blog if you want to see them! :) 
Also, if you are going to IMATS, then come and say hi if you see me! I would love to meet the people that watch my videos and take pictures. I will also post those on here unless you don't want me to. 

I have certain things I want and then just brands that I want. I will post my list here:

Crown Brushes
Jordane Cosmetics
- Eye shadow palettes / blush
    -match maker foundation 

Make Up Forever
    - matte velvet plus 
    - aqua eye liners
    - smokey lash 
    -lip tars

So hopefully, I get all of that or at least some!
Hope to see you there!

-Caitlin xoxo

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