So... this blog post is about everything I got at IMATS! :) I absolutely enjoyed IMATS and cannot wait until next year! :) I got to meet amazing people! :) I met Enkore, Pursebuzz, Lindsaylovesmac, Cityandmakeup, Misscaseyb and Staceybrennan. :) I will post those pictures at the end though!

We first went to Makeup Forever where we met Steph and Stacey. Then we picked our products and waited to pay. What you do, is write down the the products you want on a card and give them to the ladies and they will find your products and put them in a bag waiting to be priced. Once they are priced, they are put in another line while you wait to pay, then they call your name out when its your turn. 
I think this process was okay... you have to wait a really long time to pay. I think the process at the other booths was better, even though I know MUFE is so popular. It just went really slow. 
Then while waiting to pay at MUFE, I went to the next booth which was OCC and got 2 lip tars in about a minute. So that didn't kill much time :( I think I waited maybe 30 minutes to pay for MUFE. 
Then we went to check out NYX but it was so crowded and the prices were around the same as online (we assumed) so we skipped it and went to Crown Brushes. Once we got to Crown Brushes, we realized the NYX line was like 100 people. So we are glad we skipped it. HaHa.
After we went to crown brushes we walked around a bit more and realized we skipped an isle. When we went down there, I went to Naked Cosmetics and got my stacks in like 5 minutes. And then went to Eye Kandy and got all my glitters in under 10 minutes. The booths other then MUFE went so quickly the time we spent at the other booths was looking at the products. It took like under 30 sec to pay. 
Then we left because we were all out of money :(

Make Up Forever: I am not sure on the exact discount but it was between 30 - 40% off. The Mat Velvet Plus was $26 and the Aqua Liner was $16. My total was $102 making the Smoky Lash $17. 

Mat Velvet Plus in 30

Aqua Liner in #5

Smoky Lash Mascara

OCC: I got two lip tars from here. They were $10 each. I didn't swatch them or anything. I just picked everyday colours. These are sooooo pigmented and opaque. I will have to wear a lipgloss over Femme to make it look not so "bam" haha



Crown Brushes: I wanted a new blush brush and saw this one. I didn't see any of the exact brushes I wanted, so I settled for this one. I am NOT a fan of this one. It sheds and it is scratchy on the face. I really wish I just ordered off of Sigma. It also stayed scratchy after I washed it :( The price was $9.50

Naked Cosmetics: I got two stacks of loose eye shadow because the price was better and I wanted to try a bunch of colours from them anyways. It was $30 each or two for $50. I got a neutral stack and a bright colour stack (picked by Jason)

Sierra Nevada

 Shock Effect

Eye Kandy: I wanted to get some more glitters and saw this company there. The glitters looked okay, and it came with the liquid sugar too. The deal for the Sugar, Brush and 1 Glitter was $21 (+tax) so I decided to get the 10 glitter deal for $63 (+tax). I thought it was better, and I could try more shades!

Jaw Breaker: Silver with silver glitter
Confetti: Silver with rainbow glitter
Yellin' Mellon: Gold with rainbow glitter
Black Bart: Black with black and silver glitter
Winter Burst: Navy with baby blue glitter
Gumball: Navy with purple glitter
Sour Grape: Purple with purple glitter
Chicklets: Teal with teal and silver glitter
Cotton Candy: Neon pink with blue glitter
Tangerine Twist: Neon orange with gold glitter

They are all Super Fine glitter except Sour Grape and Winter Burst which are Fine. Also, Cotton Candy and Tangerine Twist are Sugars which I found when applied dissolved the colour and left the glitter (really pretty). I found the Super Fine glitters applied a lot better then the Fine glitter. The Fine glitter applied chunky to me. 

Gum Ball, Chicklets, Sour Grape, Cotton Candy, Tangerine Twist

Jawbreaker, Confeti, Yellin' Mellon, Black Bart, Winter Burst

Top: Chicklets, Gumball, Sour Grape, Cotton Candy, Tangerine Twist
Bottom: Jawbreaker, Confetti, Black Bart, Yellin' Mellon, Winter Burst

These pictures are of the wonderful people I met there! :) 

Me and Koren (and Tim Hortons!)

Lindsay, Elessa and Me

Me, Steph, Casey, Stacey and Lindsay

Lindsay and I

I am looking forward to next year and want to go both days so I can get products one day and enjoy the speakers and stuff the second. :) Hope to see you there! :)

-Caitlin xoxo

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