BeautyJoint Nyx Haul

I really wanted to try out some more nyx stuff since my first impression was just alright. I know lots of people love them and i can understand with the prices but the product wasn't good (in the ones i got last time)
So I decided to order online since my drugstore didn't have a lot of the colours. I would order online from there again. :) But i hear they can be a pain to deal with sometimes.

I am just going to put prices here with all the pictures below. There is no point in explaining a blush haha.

Single Eyeshadow: $3.75
Blush: $4.50
Tinted Lip Spa: $4.50
Round Lip Stick: $1.99
Lip Lacquer Pot: $4.25
Matte Lip Cream: $4.50
Mega Shine Lip Gloss: $3.75
I Dream of Jamaica Palette: $6.75

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