Review: La Roche-Posay Anthelios

I got this product in my Glymm Box this month. :) It is a melt in cream that is used daily, but acts as a sunscreen that goes under your make up. I will be basing the value and stuff off the full size product.

Blog Post:

Name: Anthelios SPF 60 Melt In Cream
Availability: (US only) / certain drug stores
Price: $20 and up
Amount: 50mL

Pictures are of my sample :)

now on my hand:


Packaging: 8/10
Product: 23/25
Value: 8/10
Ease of Use: 4/5

Total: 43/50 = 86% = A


The packaging on this product is okay. The material is a little thicker then it would be on something else. It is a little tougher to squeeze. But with this product that is okay because you don't need very much. I feel as thought it should be a snap lid because when you have product on your hands, a twist lid is harder to put on but other then that the packaging is okay! :)

The product is really nice. It isn't greasy, and make up does not apply differently over it. Since the SPF is so high (60) it is hard to get burnt walking out side to go somewhere. I tested this product out at the beach last weekend when i was there. Me and my boyfriend both used it and neither of us got burnt where we applied it. We both did have base tans but I think the sunscreen really did work, the sun was soo hot those days.

The value (of the full size product) is kind of expensive. But you barely need any and it is a fairly high SPF. The product will last a long time. My sample was 15mL so a full size is over triple the size. That is a lot of sunscreen just for your face. 

This product is very easy to use. I still think the lid should be a snap lid, so you aren't fiddling around with product in your hand. The rest of it is very simple. It is just like a moisturizer for your face. I like how it isn't greasy and you can't see it once it dries. 

I do really like this product and will continue to use it. I would recommend it to a friend if they were looking for a product like this. The price is a little high for most of my friends. But I will definitely think of buying the full size next summer. :)

- Caitlin xoxo

Sephora and Drugstore Haul

Last week I went to Sephora and Walmart and picked up a couple (or more) things. :) I will be reviewing the stuff that I can with time :P


Neutrogena Make Up Wipes:

Youth Code 3-Step Skin Care System:

Ardell Lashes 108 and 109:



Sally Hansen Salon Effects:

Sally Hansen Crackle Polishes:

Nicole by OPI drying drops:

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer:

Bumble and Bumble
 Styling Lotion / Surf Spray / Tonic Lotion:

Stila Lip Glaze: Cotton Candy

NARS Copacabana Illuminator Sample:
(this was free)


July Luxe Box

So this month for Luxe Box, I wasn't too impressed to be honest. Two of the products were okay but I didn't like the other two. Also, on twitter I saw that some people got Moroccan oil, which I would have preferred. And the eyeliner, isn't a good colour, but I will get to that. :)

Luxe Box is $12 a month, $36 for 3 months or $120 for a year.

When you open the box:

 the sticker :)

 The personalized card

 The product card

 The Prodcuts! :)

Okay, the products aren't horrible. But this is my 3rd luxe box and I would say it is the worst one that I have received. I am looking forward to August because they said on twitter that it should be the best one yet, so we will see. :)

Essie: Nail Polish: This is a sheer, cotton candy pink colour that is perfect for french manicures.
Full Price: $8

the polish

 the colour

Stella: Stella in Two Peony Fragrance: This is a very sophisticated fragrance, more lady like. My special event perfume.
Full Price: $56

the cover of the sample

 the inside of the sample

Consonant: Eye and Face Creams: These products were okay to get. But other people got Moroccan oil instead, which I would prefer and use more. I already have eye and face creams. I feel as though they put too many Consonant products in the boxes. I have gotten one every time and the box is to try out new brands.
Full Price: Eye=$36 and Face= $54

the samples and instructions

 the back of the card: full line of products

Trucco: Eye Liner: I don't like the colour of this and I thought it was a lip liner. On twitter, they mentioned a mix up with some and to look at the insert in the card and mine definitely says Eye Liner. I would never wear this as an eye liner and I think it is too creamy and would smudge.
Full Price: $20

the eye liner box (sorry its blurry)

 the colour name

 the eye liner


 the insert in the box

Overall, I don't think this box is bad. But it is compared to the others I got. I think I am getting tired of seeing and getting Consonant stuff. I don't like the smell very much so I don't end up using the products sent. The Trucco eye liner is just a colour and consistency I wouldn't wear on my eyes. Some people got thinner lip liners and some people got a green colour eye liner. So that would have been better. I definitely would have preferred and used the moroccan oil more though.
But it was a good box for some people and it is still a very good company.

I will be waiting for a good August box. :) and then I will decide if I will subscribe to Luxe Box again.

- Caitlin xoxo

Elf Haul!

Hey guys! So today I received my ELF haul. I ordered last week and it was shipped on Tuesday, July 5th. So it took a week and a day :) which isn't too bad since they are all backed up from the strike and it had to go through customs!
I got mainly brushes but some new make up products. I have never tried any of the products and never the kind of product either. I have never tried a cream blush or eyeliner pen or matte lip colours, just lipsticks/gloss.
I was so excited for this haul because of this and so far I love the products. I watched some reviews on some of the products and got a little worried, but I think I will end up loving what I got. :)

So I got all of these make up products (more swatches will be up in their own reviews):

Cream Blushes:
Price: $6
Left: Flirt    Right: Heartbreaker

 Flirt and Heartbreaker

 Sponge-like consistency 

Left: Heartbreaker    Right: Flirt

Matte Lip Colour: 
Price: $3
Left: Colour    Right: Tea Rose

 Coral and Tea Rose

Coral and Tea Rose

Waterproof Eyeliner Pens:
Price: $1
the tubes

the colour labels  

 the pen applicator 

Left to Right: midnight, black, teal, purple

Eye Shadow:
Price: $1 
(I got mine as a gift from ELF)

Price: $3
different post will have more pictures of them :)