July Luxe Box

So this month for Luxe Box, I wasn't too impressed to be honest. Two of the products were okay but I didn't like the other two. Also, on twitter I saw that some people got Moroccan oil, which I would have preferred. And the eyeliner, isn't a good colour, but I will get to that. :)

Luxe Box is $12 a month, $36 for 3 months or $120 for a year.

When you open the box:

 the sticker :)

 The personalized card

 The product card

 The Prodcuts! :)

Okay, the products aren't horrible. But this is my 3rd luxe box and I would say it is the worst one that I have received. I am looking forward to August because they said on twitter that it should be the best one yet, so we will see. :)

Essie: Nail Polish: This is a sheer, cotton candy pink colour that is perfect for french manicures.
Full Price: $8

the polish

 the colour

Stella: Stella in Two Peony Fragrance: This is a very sophisticated fragrance, more lady like. My special event perfume.
Full Price: $56

the cover of the sample

 the inside of the sample

Consonant: Eye and Face Creams: These products were okay to get. But other people got Moroccan oil instead, which I would prefer and use more. I already have eye and face creams. I feel as though they put too many Consonant products in the boxes. I have gotten one every time and the box is to try out new brands.
Full Price: Eye=$36 and Face= $54

the samples and instructions

 the back of the card: full line of products

Trucco: Eye Liner: I don't like the colour of this and I thought it was a lip liner. On twitter, they mentioned a mix up with some and to look at the insert in the card and mine definitely says Eye Liner. I would never wear this as an eye liner and I think it is too creamy and would smudge.
Full Price: $20

the eye liner box (sorry its blurry)

 the colour name

 the eye liner


 the insert in the box

Overall, I don't think this box is bad. But it is compared to the others I got. I think I am getting tired of seeing and getting Consonant stuff. I don't like the smell very much so I don't end up using the products sent. The Trucco eye liner is just a colour and consistency I wouldn't wear on my eyes. Some people got thinner lip liners and some people got a green colour eye liner. So that would have been better. I definitely would have preferred and used the moroccan oil more though.
But it was a good box for some people and it is still a very good company.

I will be waiting for a good August box. :) and then I will decide if I will subscribe to Luxe Box again.

- Caitlin xoxo

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