Bath and Body Works: Vanilla Coconut Body Wash

I didn't want my first review to be a bad one :( but it is.
I went to bath and body works today and got the vanilla coconut body wash since it was 50% off. I was so excited to use it in my shower tonight. But after my shower, I wasn't too impressed.

Name: Coconut Vanilla Shower Gel
Availability: Bath and Body Works Stores and Website
Price: $12.50 (CAN)
Amount: 10 fl oz / 295 mL


  • Packaging:  8/10
  • Product:   16/25
  • Value:  7/10
  • Ease of Use:  4/5
Total:  35/50  = 70% = B-


The packaging on this product is perfectly fine. The shape of the bottle makes it okay to hold in the shower and the lid on it is secure and strong. The only thing is the top where you push it. I feel as though if dropped, the lid would break and being in a shower it is very easy to drop the bottle. Also, after time the lids get harder to push since they get clogged. 

The product itself is alright. It cleans dirt off skin, almost. I was working all day in flip flops and walked home so my feet ended up being really dirty (not quite black but dirty). After using the shower gel, the bottoms of my feet were still somewhat dirty. Also, I have been having drier skin this summer since I have been outside a lot. Normally when I use body wash, I can wipe my wet arm with a towel and no flaking skin will occur. After my shower tonight, it looked like I didn't even wash my arms since the skin was flaking. :( Lastly, the scent of the body wash was not left on my skin :( 

The value of the product is okay. You get a lot of use out of the bottle for the 10 fl oz given. Whenever I think of bath and body works body wash, I think of it being expensive and the only reason I bought this today was because it was 50% off. Since it is $12.50 I expected more out of the product itself. 

The product is very easy to use! My only concern is the lid in the shower, since it can get harder to use over time. If you keep the lid unclogged and ensures the lid doesn't get stuck the rating would probably be a total of 5. (Maybe give it a pump! So you ensure the right amount of product is being used!) The shape of the bottle is nice since it has the curved shape, it is easier to use in the shower :)

I don't think I would recommend this particular product to a friend or buy it again. Since it left my skin still flaky and the scent didn't stay on at all. I think it is a little too high of a price for me to buy again with these issues :)

- Caitlin xox

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