December Glymm Box

Hey Guys! So today I received my Glymm box for December. Yes it is the 23rd. Glymm boxes were a little late this month. Glymm states that they ship out the week of the tenth but because everyone was confused, they wrote on their facebook that it is either the week before the 10th or the week after. (Which makes sense). Most were shipped out on the 15th. But when I was talking to Glymm, they let me know mine was getting shipped out the Friday afternoon (16th). Although... my tracking information said it was eventually shipped out Tuesday by Canada Post... grrrr. 
I also have to message Glymm for my tracking information if I want it. Not quite sure why. Everyone normally receives it by email. 

One other thing, I am a beauty ambassador which allowed me to give away the box in August. Being an ambassador, I am supposed to receive a complimentary box different from the month boxes. I unfortunately, received the same box as my September box. That is why I did the giveaway that month too! I emailed and asked why I got two because I was actually really confused :P Glymm said they would send me a complimentary product in November and I never received it. So I emailed them back, and I ended up receiving it in December! That product will be at the end of this post! :)

*All of the descriptions are off of the product card except the RMS Beauty Lip Shine which is off the Glymm Website*

This is what the box looked like, the picture was gorgeous! :

The product card with flash and no flash:

The products:

Caudalie: Vinoperfect Enzymatic Peel Mask: Treat yourself to the ultimate spa experience this holiday season with Caudalie's peel mask. This innovative formula is enriched with revitalizing grape acid and antioxidant-rich grape seed oils which work together to gently dissolve dead skin cells and reveal a perfectly nourished, balanced and luminous skin complexion. 
Full Price: $40 for 40ml

Ahava: Mineral Hand Cream: Ahava lightweight lotion goes to work the minute you apply it, with a powerful blend of ingredients to treat hand dryness and dermatitis. It's rich, nourishing Dead Sea minerals hydrate and restore moisture to even the most 'rough and scaly skin'. The hazel extracts soothe and soften dry skin, without making it feel greasy.
Full Price: $20 for 3.4 oz.

Yves Saint Laurent: La Parisienne: Once upon a time there was PARISIENNE, who lived and loved in the moment-the portrait of a woman incredibly free. Parisienne is a floral, feminine yet sensual fragrance which will leave a trace of mystery everywhere you go. This luxurious scent wraps up a women's body and stays with her all day long. Scandalous, some say?
Full Price: $85 for 3 oz.

Sula Beauty: Natural Lip Gloss: Get your lips kissable this holiday season with Sula Beauty Pretty Lip gloss! Playful, yet sophisticated, this trendy line is designed to compliment not define! Sula Lip Gloss is formulated with natural ingredients that will sooth, soften and moisturize your pretty lips. Go ahead and break the rules, set trends and always be pretty!
Full Price: $8 for 0.5 fl. oz. 

This is the product I received complimentary in my box!:

RMS Beauty: Lip Shine: This glossy lip balm works as an antioxidant-rich, protecting moisturiser that delivers a hint of rose-brown color. It's made with the company's signature unrefined ingredients - the hero in this pot being the organic Moringa oil, a delicious, fatty-acid and vitamin-rich softening hydrator. The colour is made from pure mineral pigments and the formula highly emollient.
Full Price: $25 for 0.20 oz.

Sula Lip Gloss in Summer Fling on the left:
RMS Beauty Lip Shine in Bloom on the right:

And of course, the jelly bellies! :)

I was more impressed with my box when I looked at it from when I looked at the blog posts and facebook. Everyone was disappointed on facebook. :P 
I will probably do a tutorial on the makeup on the holiday card. It is so simple and pretty! :)

This box is worth:

Caudalie Peel Mask: $3
Ahava Hand Cream: $4
YSL Parisienne:  $7.08
Sula Lip Gloss: $8
Glymm Money: $10

Total Box: $32.08

-Caitlin xoxo

Sigma Haul Part 2!

Hey Guys! So I got part 2 of my sigma haul the other day! I ordered the Make Me Up Travel Kit! It had all of the brushes I use on a daily basis so I thought it would be perfect when I stayed at other houses! I used to pack all of the brushes I use in my make up bag but sometimes the zipper would catch the bristles :( 
The good thing about this set is it comes with a case to carry them in which turns into 2 brush holders when you are doing your makeup! It also fits my round top kabuki!

So the packaging look like this: 

If you spend $30 or more they give you a free brush: 
(if you spend over $100 you get a mini palette)

The brochure was at the bottom of the box: (click to enlarge pictures)

 The box: 

the case:

It turns into two brush holders:

The brushes:

Colourful writing:

Travel compared to the normal size:

 Travel and Normal:

Travel and Normal:

 Travel and Normal:

Travel and Normal: 
(I think they changed the name of the original to the Small Tapered Blending brush so that would be the black handled one) 

I didn't have the original at the time to take a comparison picture of these next 2:

 Apparently I forgot to take a picture of the name :( 
This is the Small Angle - E65

I like the use my travel size_____________ for _____________:
Large Powder for Blush
Large Angled Contour for Contouring
Foundation for Foundation (when I don't have my round top kabuki)
Eye Shading for The colour on my lids
Tapered Blending for The crease
Pencil for The Outer V
Small Angle for My eyebrows

This kit was $59 plus tax. Mine came in about 2 weeks which is way better then I expected!

-Caitlin xoxo