Glossy Box: April

I realize this post is really late considering it is the end of May and this is the April box. But my May box hasn't even come yet so it is still all about this Glossy Box!

The product card:

This came in the envelope with the product card but it is actually the bonus product you get in April.

Marcelle: BB Cream Beauty Balm: New! Marcelle BB Cream: Try the 1st BB Cream formulated especially for Canadian women! Your 8-in-1 skin enhancer does it all for you, instantly! Offered in 2 shades with self-adjusting pigment sto suit all ages and skin types. 

I tried this out once but I wasn't tanned enough then to use it. So I left it out on my desk till I was. But because of the sample packaging it kind of got everywhere so I threw it out. :( I did find it a little bit orange though.

Full Price: $22.95 for 45mL

Then you get a Wella brochure for the Wella products:

Then the products (including 3 full sized ones!) YAY!

AVEENO: Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer: This amazing moisturizing formula is clinically shown to improve the look of tone, texture, dullness, blotchiness and brown spots - for naturally radiant skin. 

I absolutely love this moisturizer! I use it every single day! It is especially good in the summer because it has SPF 15 so I don't worry about putting extra sunscreen on my face (unless I know I will need it like at the beach or a pool or something) The formula isn't greasy at all and it makes your skin really soft. I haven't noticed anything about the tone (right now it is red anyways) or texture of my face but I haven't been looking.

Full Price: $22.99 for 120mL

Elizabeth Grant: Skin Care Shower Gel: Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Shower Gels are delightful fragrant cleansing gels, which foam as you clean. Capturing the true essence of grace, style and individuality in every person.

This shower gel is okay. I don't find it better than any other one I use so would I pay to buy it again? Probably not. The smell of mine is okay, not too bad but I have to be in the mood to use it because of the smell. :)
I use the Philosophy on in Melon Daiquiri right now so I absolutely love the smell of that one. :) 

Full Price: $20 for 240mL

Wella: Brilliance Conditioner Fine to Normal: This lightweight Brilliance conditioner moisturizes coloured hair, leaving even fine hair full of vibrant shine and free-flowing movement. With diamond dust!

I LOVE the smell of Wella products. I was excited to get this because I liked the shampoo so much since the smell lingered in your hair. Unfortunately, the smell of this doesn't :( I also didn't like the way it didn't make my hair feel silky smooth like most conditioners in the shower but maybe that is a good thing because it isn't leaving gross stuff on your hair. :)

Full Price: $13.99 for 250mL

Wella: Brilliance Treatment Fine to Normal: Brilliance Treatment with triple-blend technology blends three lightweight polymers to instantly restore hair's vibrancy, ...and you guessed it: with diamond dust!

This product smells like the other Wella products but with a hint of more chemical haha. But it isn't too over powering. I don't know how I feel about this product because, to be honest, I don't really remember. :) I used it a couple times last week but it obviously didn't do AMAZING things because I don't remember. :)

Full Price: $13.99 for 150mL

Marcelle: Xtension Plus Mascara: New! Give your lashes extra length and curl with Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara. Define and separate lashes while minimizing clumps and create maximum lengthening potential for a lash-extension look without adding extensions. 

I do like this mascara because it doesn't flake. But it clumps really easily. I always but a coat of mascara on the back of my lashes and with this mascara you can't or it clumps like crazy!
I mainly use it on my bottom lashes because it separates your lashes and doesn't flake onto your face. :) I might buy it again, but most likely not. I feel like other mascara does the same thing for less.

Full Price: $12.50 for 9mL

Value of the Box:
Aveeno lotion: $22.99
Shower Gel: $20
Conditioner: $1.68
Hair Treatment: $2.33
Mascara: $12.50
PLUS the bonus lotion :)

Total: $59.50 
for a box you pay $15 for, that is a pretty good deal! :)
I hope every Glossy Box is amazing like this or at least close. :)

I would rather a box take all month to get a box like this than ship out at the beginning and get a box like Luxe Box. Luxe box doesn't even ship out at the beginning either, they have started shipping out really late too. Oh well, my last Luxe is this month. :D

-Caitlin xoxo


Luxe Box: April

The April Luxe Box was shipped out really late. I received mine on the 26th and they are supposed to be shipped out mid-month. The reason they weren't, was because Loose Button decided to do the "First in Line" program the 3rd week of April. They did that in March too and I don't really understand why. Either do it earlier or not at all. And in April, it didn't work. It was supposed to come out one day and wouldn't work so they made you sign up for a time (which I did) and it still didn't work.
The box was really under the expectations I have when I pay for a box so I unsubscribed. 

The product card:

The products:

China Glaze: Nail Polish: China Glaze is a revolutionary nail colour system for professional application. Using special methods, China Glaze offers incredible durability, fast drying, easy application and exclusive colours. 

This colour looks a lot better in the bottle. It still looks good on but it doesn't have the purple to it when applied and it really just looks blue when you have it on. When you look at your nails you can tell it is glitter but it doesn't have that metallic look that a lot of glitter has. But it does dry really fast. :)

Full Price: $8 for 14mL 

J.R. Watkins: Hand and Body Lotion: Keep your body's delicate skin soft with J.R. Watkins Hand and Body Lotions. This rich formula provides deep, long-lasting moisture that leaves skin naturally smooth, soft and nourished. Our organic formula contains more than 10 natural oils and extracts to protect and pamper even the most sensitive skin.

I have not used this and probably won't. It is not a scent I enjoy at all. I just wouldn't want to smell like that all day. :P

Full Price: $11 for 325mL

CHI: Silk Infusion: This leave-in reconstructing treatment enriched with pure natural silk, wheat and soy proteins protects your hair against thermal styling and environmental damages while giving your hair incredible lustre. Alcohol free, enriched with pure silk and wheat and soy proteins. (they already said that)

I don't think this is a bad product to get because it is so expensive to buy retail. But I do already own it. (lots of it as shown below) and I don't really use it anymore. The only problem I have with this sample is that I have seen it in many previous boxes, even going back like 6 months, which makes me think it is put in a box as filler because they have nothing better to give.

Full Price: $33 for 180mL

A sample I got with my straightener, the full size, and the sample in my Luxe Box.

OLAY: Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex: See results in an instant. Watch as advanced micro-fillers and light-diffusing particles smooth the look of fines lines right before your eyes. This wrinkle treatment's formula also hydrates to reduce the appearance of deep lines in just 14 days. For best results, use twice a day, every day.

I wonder if there is enough in the sample to  use twice a day for 14 days...
I don't need to use this product because I am only 18. So that is why I don't like it. I haven't used it though to try it out for pores or anything.
I am just tired of getting anti-aging products in every box.

Full Price: $33 for 50mL

The products again:

Value of the Box:

China Glaze Nail Polish: $8
Hand and Body Cream: $0.98
Silk Infusion: $2.75
Olay Cream: $4.62

Total: $16.35       wow!

That is really disappointing considering I pay $13.56 for the box. I expect a lot more than the box is worth. Especially because I got my Glossy box a couple days later and there was 3 full sized products that I have never tried before and a couple I never have heard of. (Post and video coming up next!)
I was so disappointed with this box and I understand you can't please everyone but the boxes need to be better than this to get new subscribers and to please the people already subscribed. 
I have received China Glaze polishes before and I love them but they could try to get different brands throughout the boxes so I can try something else.
I receive hand or body lotion either every month or every other month. I really don't need very much. So I am tired of getting them.
I already have the silk infusion and I understand that they don't know this but like I said above, I have seen this in boxes like 6 months back so it is a filler product and that is unacceptable.
The anti-aging stuff can stay out of the boxes with the lotion and perfumes. I get these not only from Luxe Box but from every box. But I fill out a survey for a reason, I don't need anti-aging products. So I don't want them in my box.

And that is why I unsubscribed. I will be posting a comparative blog post shortly on Luxe Box even though I am not subscribed anymore. 

-Caitlin xoxo


Julep Maven Box: April

I was a little hesitant getting this month's Julep Maven box because the colours didn't look as vibrant and like colours I would wear. But I decided not to and just to try it out and I am glad I did.
First of all the packaging was so pretty! It had a bright pink paper bag (like the nail polish) and a lime green ribbon. It also had mini chocolate eggs since it was Easter month.
Another bonus in this box was the toe separators. I don't have any and I figured out why when I tried them again, I don't like them. :) My toes are kind of close together so when I use these, it separates them too much. But they were a nice surprise. :)

The card you get in the box:

 The Best Pedi Creme Ever: Exfoliates with alpha hydroxy acids, hydrates with shea butter and coconut oil, nourishes with vitamin E. Apply nightly for noticeable results in just one to two uses. 

I would definitely recommend applying this at night like it says. Also have it on your night table with a towel near by. This is really greasy and I wouldn't recommend walking with it on. I only used it once and I didn't notice too big of a difference but I also didn't stare at my feet the next day. :P

Full Price: $22 for 60mL

Eva:  Juicy raspberry creme
Renee:  Spring lilac creme

I haven't tried these out yet so I don't know about how sheer they are or anything. But if they are like most of the Julep polishes, they should be opaque and should be alright in 2 coats. I do really like how both of them are cremes though because that is my favourite kind of finish!
Full Price: $14 

All of the products and the eggs! 

Next month, there is a magnetic polish coming out and I was hesitant again to get the box so hopefully it is worth it. :)

-Caitlin xoxo


Top Box: April

I finally get my Topbox monthly now! Yay! I have always been impressed with the Topboxes and ever since December I have been waiting for a box. Thankfully in January, I got a free box from them and I got to try it out. I feel in love from the start. 
This month was a good box too and I like every product from the looks since I have not tried them all out yet. I plan on staying subscribed to Topbox for a while!

The tube packaging changed this month to be even more environmental friendly and in the upcoming months you can choose which tube packaging you would want. Just in case you use the tubes for something and want them to be more decorative. But I feel like this months tube, you could paint and make them all funky. :)

The cards were a little smaller too since April is the month with Earth Day:

The product card:

Principessa Beauty: Dry Shampoo: How to open: Peel off sticker from lid. This dry shampoo is a silky multi-use powder is a refreshing treat, talc free (naturally) and designed to keep you shower fresh all day and smelling amazing with our isolina fragrance.

Unfortunately, I received this product in the January box I got. :( But even before I got my April box, Topbox checked to see if I was getting this and noticed that I was so they said they would put a special product in my May box for me. Which is amazing customer service! I do like this dry shampoo but my first one is hard to open so I don't use it often but this one isn't so I might use it more. 
Also, if you have black hair, this does show up a bit lighter even though it is brown but it is definitely better than white!

Full Price: $24 for 125g

Benefit: The POREfessional: Quickly minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin! Apply this silky, lightweight balm alone, under or over makeup. Translucent, oil-free formula complements all skin tones and helps makeup stay put.

I already have this sample from a Glymm box awhile ago and I use it everyday. I was hoping I wouldn't run out for awhile since it is slightly expensive to buy again but you barely need any so it does last a long time and a full size would be worth the price. But hey, now I don't have to. (at least for now!)

Full Price: $34 for 22mL

Bella Pella: Body Lotion: Enjoy the exotic perfume of the South Pacific flowers with this lightweight non greasy lotion. Enriched with avocado oil, jojoba oil and shea butter. 

I haven't tried this yet, I could have today after I shaved but I forgot about it. :) The smell is okay, it isn't my favourite but it also isn't intolerable. The sample size is an okay size, not too big or not too small. It is good for travelling or even to keep in your purse incase your arms or legs get dry.

Full Price: $15.95 for 175mL

Misa: Nail Lacquer: With a colour to suit any craving, Misa delivers the most fun, exciting and professional colours to indulge in. Misa's formula of nano-silver particles reduces chipping and is non-fading for optimal shine. 

I really like this colour and I don't think I have anything like it (which is surprising)! I haven't actually tried this colour out yet though so I can't comment on the chipping or fading but I am excited to and it will probably be my next toe colour!

Full Price: $8.99 for 15mL

Also included in the box were 2 little samples of Cargo Blu-ray Pressed Powder. This powder was developed for high definition filming and the high tech ingredients reduce redness and hide fine lines! Sounds amazing!
I haven't actually used these yet, I forgot. I have such a routine down that my mind doesn't even think about these. Whoops!

All the products together!

Value of the Box:

Dry Shampoo: $5.76
Porefessional: $11.59
Body Lotion: $2.73
Nail Polish: $8.99

Total: $29.07

Like I said, I like this box :) It had a product for everything! Skin, Makeup, Nails and Hair. (no idea why I capitalized those) Everything was a good size sample and they are good quality brands. I don't really have much to say except that I really liked this box. Topbox is great compared to some of the other companies that have boxes and their customer service is amazing! 

-Caitlin xoxo