Rating Scale!

Hey guys! Okay, so this is the first post on my review site and I just wanted to explain the rating scale I will be using! :D

Packaging     /10
Product         /25
Value             /10
Ease of Use     /5

Total out of 50.

  • is the packaging appealing?
  • is it appropriate for the product? (foundation isn't in a jar :P)
  • is it strong enough?
  • does it give enough product?
  • is there good pigmentation?
  • does it work as the company claims?
  • is it too hard or soft?
  • is it easy to blend and take off?
  • is the amount of product worth the price?
  • does the packaging make the product worth more?
Ease of Use:
  • is the product easy to use?
  • is the packaging simple enough to use?
  • is it messy? (eyeshadows being chalky)
Basically, these are the main questions I will ask myself when reviewing a product. Obviously some of these do not apply to all products. (Eyeshadows and Body Wash are completly different) I will take many factors into effect. 
I encourage you to comment on all my reviews with your experiences with the product to help others interested in buying it. Different people have different opinions and experiences. Saying this, if I give a product I am not saying don't go buy it because it is horrible. It all depends on the person and usage techniques. :)

-Caitlin xox

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