July Glymm Box

Hey Guys! So yesterday I received the first ever Glymm box to be released. Mine was a VIG box so it was only $5. But now they are all $10.
Basically, Glymm is exactly like Birch box but for canadians. It is similar to Luxe box but has added features! :)   ( Birch box and Luxe box both give 3-5 deluxe samples every month ). You can earn points doing various things and apply them to get a full size product off their site. It won't start until next month (unless you invite friends) since this box was only $5. 

I absolutely loved my Glymm box. I have used everything so far expect for two products. Which I plan on using :) 

So when I got my Glymm box and opened the packing (for the mail) 

I got a box like this: 

... a cute, cotton candy coloured box! :)

Then when you open it, you get a card with a message and the product details:

when you open the box:

the message from Glymm:

 the product information:

Once you take the ribbon and tissue paper off you get the products:

Now I will put individual pictures of all the products up :) For more detail on each, you can wait for the reviews (lip glaze, sunscreen and face mask) or watch my video on youtube: ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdlLybFyz_w

La Roche-Posay: Anthelios SPF 60
This is a sunscreen for everyday use under your make up. It is one of the only higher SPFs I have seen. 
Full size: 100mL for $27
the box:

the tube (15mL):

 both together :)

My Face Works: I Need To Detox Face Mask 
This is a green tea mask used to replenish your skin. You are supposed to use it 1-3 times a week. It is very good for dry skin.
Full Size: A box of 6 masks for $55
the front:

the back:

Stila: Raspberry Lip Glaze
This is a sheer lip gloss that can be worn with everything. It gives the right amount of colour to your lips and it is not very sticky!
Full Size: 0.08 fl oz for $22
the nice clutch size sample:

 the vibrancy of the colour:

OPI: Nail Polish
This is just a mini of an OPI nail polish. I am not sure on the colour name.
Full Size: 0.5 fl oz. for $13
my sample:

 compared to a full size:

Gucci: Flora Fragrance
This fragrance is a sophisticated smelling one. It is a floral scent but has a sweetness to it that tones down the floral. I am not a huge fan of flora but I really like this fragrance. 
Full Size: 1.6 fl oz for $70
the box:

inside the box:

the little bottle:

 the box and bottle:

Glymm also sends a little treat with every box and so for this box I got some pink and white jelly bellys:

So overall, I absolutely LOVE my Glymm Box. I will be ordering again for August and will probably be doing the full year subscription :) Hopefully, I can get the blog post up each month. It takes soo long to do :P But coming up is my Luxe Box for July! 

I will be doing a blog post or video, not comparing the two companies, but deciding on whether or not I want to continue with both. But that will probably be in August :) 

-Caitlin oxoxo

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