January Top Box!

Hey Guys! So I got my TopBox yesterday! It should have been here on the 25th but it got stuck at the stop in between the ship out place and my house for some reason. :( But it got here!
This was my first TopBox. I won it on their Facebook page. For every 100 likes, they give out a box. Even before I got this box, I signed up for a subscription :) Unfortunately, there is a huge wait list. I am supposed to receive my first box of my subscription in May. Which I find ridiculous. But oh well!

TopBox is actually not a box... it is a tube!

 With wallpaper on it...

When you first open it, you can see one product :) Which is fine because most people like looking at the products first. :P I am the opposite!

I like to look at the product card:

The first product is the "personalized for you" product. I saw that most people got this product though.

Principessa Beauty: Notte Breeze Dry Shampoo: This dry shampoo is a brown colour for darker hair shades. Most dry shampoos are white and can leave the white residue behind, making the hair look grey. :( This dry shampoo is also talc free and it doesn't have a very strong scent (thank goodness)
Full Price: $24 for 125g.

 Shu Uemura: Full Shimmer Illuminating Shampoo: This shampoo is meant to add shine to your hair and is save for colour treated hair. It also has a musk rose oil scent so it smells good but is not over powering. This shampoo is also supposed to add colour vibrancy to the hair as well. I hope I like this product because it is a good sample size but I also hope I don't because it is so expensive. 
Full Price: $45 for 300mL

Cake: Triplemint Foot Creme: This foot cream nourishes your feet without being greasy. It is fast absorbing so your feet won't be slippery when you walk. It is supposed to leave your feet soothed and refreshed. It also has a subtle scent of mint (like most foot creams). This was a full size product in the box!
Full Price: $16 for 100mL

LillyPilly: Tea Tree Hand and Body Creme: This hand and body creme is better than most hand creams as it is made with exotic natural ingredients. It is very soft on the hands. I don't know if I would use it for my body personally because it has a herbal scent which you could probably guess from the name! But that isn't my cup of tea for my body!
Full Size: $22 for 150mL

I also got a complimentary sample because I emailed them with a problem and they said they would put one in my box. I don't know anything about this product other then that it is an eye serum! There isn't much in the tube. It took a lot of squeezing to get product out and then it all of a sudden shot out! Oh well! I am not complaining!

I did like this TopBox! In my box I noticed there wasn't any make up products and I have noticed that since it came out. But other people got either an eye pencil or Benetint this month so maybe it was just my box!
I look forward to receiving more in May but I don't think this will be my favourite box but we will have to wait and see after a couple more months!

Value of the Tube:

Principessa Dry Shampoo: $5.76
Shu Uemura Shampoo: $11.25
Cake Foot Creme: $16
LillyPilly Hand and Body Creme: $7.33

Total: $40.34
It is a pretty decent box for the $10 you pay!

Will you be subscribing to TopBox? 
Did you get a TopBox this month? What did you receive?

-Caitlin xoxo

January Glymm Box!

Hey Guys! So first I want to say SORRY for the pictures. I took them at my boyfriend's house not in natural light and also with my binder as a background. I will post all the information it says on the card for you. :) 

The box hasn't changed :

The card in the box has another picture (like the December box):

The product card (all product information on the card will be with each individual product below):

The products!:

Kaia Naturals: Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths: One cloth, multiple functions! Juicy bamboo facial cloths that effectively and gently sweep away makeup, dirt and oil for clear, fresh skin! Soaked in vitamins and made with 99% natural ingredients, which make your skin feel soft, instead of stripped and tight. These urban facial cloths are the perfect solution for the girl on the go!
Full Price: $17.99 for 30 cloths

(I love the packaging on this sample)

I did test this cloth the night I got it. It took off the makeup I had on, including the mascara. Drugstore cloths and even MAC cloths, sting my upper lash line from scrubbing to take my makeup off. These did not. Although, it was a little more difficult to get eye shadow and mascara off because I had to scrub more. But like I said, it didn't irritate my eyes at all. I might look into purchasing these. They are on the expensive side, but if they work why not?



It does say one side is for face and one side is for eyes and lips (which I didn't use it on) To be honest, I couldn't tell the difference and to me they both worked the same :P

Vasanti Cosmetics: BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator: Alright beauties it's time to dramatically improve your skin's texture to reveal softer, brighter and younger looking skin! This aloe-enriched cleanser brightens with powerful papaya enzymes to give radiance, exfoliates with dermatologist grade micro-crystals which help smooth and hydrate your gentle skin.
Full Price: $34 for 120ml

I did try this too! It makes your skin sooooo soft! I will have to use it a couple more times to see if it really makes a difference in my skin and if it does I will fork out the money for the full size! It is a pretty big sample size because you barely need any.

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Clear Brow Gel: From the upscale salons of Beverly Hills, we bring you the brow expert, Anastasia's clear brow gel. Awarded as Allure's editors choice, this brow gel sets your perfect brow look and keeps brows in place all day. This best-selling formula tames unruly brows without leaving them stiff, flaky or sticky.
Full Price: $21 for 0.28 oz.

I have used this, I wasn't a huge fan of it. I felt that my brows were a little stiff at the end of the day, but I will give it more chances! Although, my drugstore clear mascara works fine for me so I probably won't buy the full size but it was good to try a higher end sample. 

Burt's Bees: Nourishing Milk and Honey Body Lotion: Burt's Bees new and improved body lotion is clinically proven to restore moisture and replenish dry skin. Canada's favourite natural beauty brand uses nature's best resources such as milk and honey to soothe, soften, and hydrate dry skin, without making it feel greasy. The coconut and vitamin E deliver beneficial nutrients to the skin. 
Full Price: $12.99 for 170g

I haven't tried this yet! :)

Cargo Cosmetics: Eye Pencil: Cargo eye pencils offer a cutting edge formulation! An incredibly high pigment pencil that delivers intense colour combined with a smudge-resistant formula for immediate and long-wearing results. Rich, deep colour that  glides on easily with just one application and minimal skipping.
Full Price: $16 for 2g

On my hand, this was hard to use so it might be hard on the upper or lower lash line but on the waterline it does glide super smooth and puts the colour on with one glide.

This month there was no jelly beans :( but there was a free lip shine you could get if you order from the Glymm website. I got this lip shine in my Glymm box last month complimentary. :)

Glymm is not doing the jelly beans anymore because the jars break :( even though I was collecting them :( but they assure they are doing something amazing!

The Value of the Box:
Kaia Facial Wipes: $0.60
Vasanti BrightenUp!: $3.40
Anastasia Brow Gel: $6.38
Burt's Bees Body Lotion: $1.07
Cargo Eye Pencil: $16

Total Value: $27.45


-Caitlin xoxo
PS. Video should be up tomorrow!

December Luxe Box

Hey guys! So I ordered a Luxe Box on December 9th so I would receive one in January for my comparative video. I had an error message when checking out so I emailed them and they informed me that I would be receiving a December Luxe Box as well even though technically I ordered too late. 
I had filmed a video for this, but it is a little blurry (I haven't figured out the settings yet) . I might film one again but I might not and just post this blog because it is January now, and the January box is getting shipped the week of the 16th. 

So here are the contents of my Luxe Box. I will have some comments at the end as well but will have more in the comparative video at the end of January (or beginning of February).

The box when you open the mailing box:

Unfortunately they spelt my name wrong...

The packaging is cute though

The products:

 The product card:

Kerastase: Elixer Ultime: A hair oil that adds shine, nourishment and deep conditioning while smoothing out the hair. It is a multi-use elixer that helps restore and strengthen your hair also. I use when my hair is damp like every other hair product I own. :)
Full Price: $50 for 125mL

Velour: Upper Lashes: Mink hair eyelashes that are handmade. These lashes can be worn up to 25 times. They are guaranteed to be 100% authentic mink fur. Mine are the Doll Me Up set. As of this post the lashes are on sale for half price.
Full Price: $60-$65 for one pair

Prada: Candy and Infusion D'Iris: Prada Candy is a vanilla scented honey, benzoin, and caramel scent. Infusion D'Iris is a very flowery scent. (So I gave it to my mom) 
Full Price: Candy: $96 for 50mL , Infusion D'Iris: $95 for 50mL

DDF: Advanced Firming Cream: This cream has glycerin, zinc and copper that hydrates to firm and tighten the skin. It has antioxidants to protect the moisture barrier of the skin as well.
Full Price: $130 for 48g.

And of course a treat: chocolate.

The value of the box is:

Kerastase: $2.00
Velour Lashes: $60.00
Prada Candy: $2.88
Infusion D'Iris: $2.85
DDF: $37.92

Total: $ 105.65
Holy Crap! 

That is an amazing holiday box and an amazing first box back. But I know that all of the Luxe Boxes weren't like this. 
Compared to the Glymm Holiday box, I think this one was a better value. But I was kind of sad that they spelt my name wrong. To be honest, I would rather them not personalize the names if they are going to mess up. Besides the products inside aren't personalized. 
I like how they take the time to write the names, but it wasn't nice to open it and have my name spelt wrong.

But there will be more comparisons in my comparative video at the end of the month! So stay tuned! :)

-Caitlin xoxo