Boxing Day Haul!

Natasha and I both worked on boxing day, so afterwards we decided to go shopping! :) We got stuff from Bath and Body Works at 50-75% off and stuff at MAC for full price (MAC sucks and never has sales) :( 

This is our stuff from the drugstore... not too exciting. My clippers broke so I got new ones and my current make up wipes are hurting my lash line so I grabbed a new brand. 
Natasha needed a new mascara and repurchased the Lashblast Fusion.

Then we went to Bath & Body Works and both got these reusable bags. When you bought one at $2.50 they gave you 10% off your entire purchase (including the bag so it ended up being $2.25)

Natasha's stuff: 

My stuff: (I am in LOVE with the face scrub!)

Then we went to MAC. They launch new collections every boxing day and I wanted to check out the new lip glasses!

Natasha got a purple liner and a metal X shadow that she could use for smoky eyes.

I got a cremesheen, 2 lip glasses and a mineralized skin finish that I have wanted for a while and thought "why not?"

 Bailey watching us take pictures! 

 Soft and Gentle, Style Packed, Tour de Fabulous, Narcissus

I went for Style-Packed and LOVE it. It is so bright and fun to wear. 

There are many more hauls coming in the next coming week so be sure to stay tuned for more blog posts and videos!

-Caitlin xoxo

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