Beauty Haul: Sephora, Mac and Walmart

The other day my friend, Natasha, and I went shopping for some make up! We went to Walmart, Sephora and Mac. She needed new foundation and had never been in the Sephora near us yet, so we went shopping! Then we came home and filmed a video! It took us awhile though. My mom and sister were home, and I have never filmed with anyone home so it was kind of awkward at first. But we filmed an 8 minute video of nothing. Then filmed our haul video twice! hehe. 

Unfortunately, Natasha had to go home and I didn't take pictures of her products. But I will find a picture of them and put them in here! For the swatches of her products, I don't have any :( But they are all over the internet!

So first we went to Walmart and got some lip butters! If you live in Canada, Walmart seems to have gotten the lip butters early, so check out your local one! The display was almost gone! There were 4 testers and all of those were gone! I got one I went for and told Natasha to get some because they are supposed to be AMAZING. She got three and I got four! 

Natasha got: Cupcake, Peach Parfait and Sugar Plum

I got: Peach Parfait, Sweet Tart, Raspberry Pie and Red Velvet
I forgot to take pictures of the names, but I will label correctly! Haha

Red Velvet, Raspberry Pie, Sweet Tart, Peach Parfait

With Flash

Peach Parfait with flash

 Peach Parfait with natural light

Sweet Tart with flash

Sweet Tart with natural light

Raspberry Pie with flash

Raspberry Pie with natural light

Red Velvet with flash

Red Velvet with natural light

Then we went to Sephora and we walked around like three times. We were comparing prices to the amount you get to see what was a better value! 

Natasha got: Sephora Eye Primer, Sephora Jumbo Eye Liner and Nails Inc Magnetic Nail Polish

 She got Black! :) 

She got Purple!

I got: Urban Decay Primer Potion and Sephora Gift Set of Eye Liners (and my sister's Christmas present shhh)


Then we went to MAC for foundation. Natasha wanted a new one and I wanted the Matchmaker Foundation and the MAC closest to me never has my shade!

Natasha got: Studio Fix Fluid in NW15

I got: Matchmaster Foundation in 1.0

Hopefully we will film more videos together! Unless you guys don't like them :(
Thanks for reading and watching the video! :)

-Caitlin xoxo

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