Mini Sigma Haul!

I will be posting a bigger video when I receive my next package :) I thought for now I could show you these! 
In the Special Deals section on the Sigma Website, they have a set of 2 of the new Sigmax brushes. I wanted to try the round top kabuki since I already have a flat top from ELF. The special deal comes with the round top and angled top for $24 which is $8 less then ordering them both separate! So I decided to get the deal so I could try them out!

When I received the package, it was nicely packaged like always! Sigma always takes the time to package their brushes so nice!

The brochure in the bottom of the box:

The packaged brushes:

Sigma always includes an information brochure about their brushes:

The brushes all come with plastic to help keep their form:

The dense bristles: flash and no flash

When I got the brushes I was amazed at how small they were! I even figured I got a travel version by mistake! But this is how small they are compared to the F30 (large powder)

After opening these, I remembered just how soft Sigma brushes are! I couldn't stop rubbing the brushes against my face (weird?) they are unbelievably soft! I really want to order the flat top kabuki Sigmax brush and the mini Sigmax brushes: 
This set is $49 or $14 each

 or the set of big ones for $56 or $16 each

or the full set for $99

with each kit you get a free gift for spending over $30!

Stay tuned for my next haul and the video!

-Caitlin xoxo

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