Colourful Eyes!

Who doesn't like colourful eyes? Personally, I LOVE them. I know most people wont wear them because:
1. they can't do them.
2. they can't wear them where they work.
3. they don't think they can pull it off.

Well... I can't help you with number 2 :( but I can help you with number 1 and 3.
In my upcoming make up tutorials, I am going to show you have to create two completely different colourful looks and one glittery look. I have worn all of these looks to school and have got sooooo many compliments.
Wearing colourful looks is different so when you do wear them, people will notice and compliment you. 

One girl said, "I bought green for prom and don't know where to wear it again. Yours looks so good!"
I obviously said thank you :P But I also said that you don't need a certain time (like prom) to wear colours. It is up to you what you want to wear. If people judge, they are just jealous.  
Another girl said, "Your makeup looks soo good! I wish I could do that. If I tried, there would be a straight line between the pink and purple."
People don't take the time to learn to do makeup. Which sucks because it is fun! Plus, you can create so many different looks with so many colours. Besides when you learn and practice, it isn't hard at all!

So after all that haha... I will be making tutorials of these 3 looks, plus more! I am starting to use the products I got at IMATS and want to show you guys what I do with them. :) 

Yes... this is what I look like playing with my makeup! Hehe! :)

If you guys have any requests for looks then let me know down below or email me! :) Put the subject as "Request" so I don't erase it by accident! :)
I will be changing up the glitter one a bit.. to make it more smoky because I am going to a Christmas party on Saturday and want it more smoky! But it is a great look for parties or New Years!

Stay Tuned! :)

-Caitlin xoxo

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