Julep Nail Polish Haul!

I will be posting a video on this next week probably but I thought I would get a head start on the blog since I suck at that haha. I ordered these nail polishes Oct 28, they were shipped Nov 4 and received them Nov 2. The 3rd order I made was Nov 8 and shipped the 14th and I got it today (Nov 23). So it took a really long time to ship but I live in Canada and most things do. But the 3rd order was quicker. So who knows.
I ordered 3 separate orders. The first had 3 polishes, the second had 1 and the third had 2 (buy one get one). My first and second order actually came in the same package though.

I ordered the nail therapy, Pippa, and Gayle the first order and Sienna the second. For the third it was buy one, get one with the colours Emilie and Sienna. So I will be giving away the new Sienna but stay tuned for the video to hear more about that! Unfortunately Emilie broke in the mail :( so I cleaned up Sienna! Hopefully I can get one shipped to me again or if not that is okay! I still paid for one!

Good thing about buying nail polish from Julep: $1 is donated to organizations that support women through their powered by girlfriends program.

Nail Therapy: "Hydrates and protects dry, brittle, peeling nails" $16
Pippa: "An updated neutral camel" (light nude) $14
Gayle: "Regal, deep aubergine" (deep plum purple) $14
Sienna: "Sophisticated, shimmery gold" (metallic gold) $14
Emilie: "Bold and alluring, a statement-making forest green" (teal green) $14

Pippa compared to Camel

The broken Emilie and giveaway! Sienna:
(I would use the previous Sienna I ordered, but I have already used it :( The new Sienna is okay now after I cleaned it with nail polish remover!)

Sienna and Gayle: (don't mind the messy paint job!)

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-Caitlin oxox

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