Glossy Box: February

Guess what?! Another subscription box! This month was the first month of GLOSSY BOX in Canada. This is actually the only Canadian box that is international. I first heard about it from a youtuber in the UK. When it came to Canada I thought why not give it a try. 
This box is actually a little more money then the others. It is $15 every month but you are guaranteed 5 samples and sometimes a sixth. In this box, the samples were pretty good size samples too!

When you first get your box out of the mailbox, it is a gray box with little pink logos on it. 

 They have easy-to-open boxes too! For people who are like me and can never open boxes! It is just a little tab you pull and a strip rips off.

Inside is a nice little pink box! The box is very nice quality too! I would say it is the best out of all of them.

On the envelope inside, is a personalized sticker. Which only Luxe Box has done so far. It was nice to see another company add in this touch.

As always, you get your product information card. You also get a message from the company and information brochures on some of the products. 
If you don't like to see what products you got before you open the tissue paper, the envelope is a nice touch because you don't have to open it.

These are stickers, but I don't know what you would use them for.

The products!!

Ahava: Mineral Body Lotion: This body lotion contains aloe vera, natural moisturizers and minerals that apply smoothly to the skin and last all day. I haven't tried this yet because I am not a huge fan of the scent. It smells like the Ahava hand cream (flower/herbal) and I am more into fruity scents. 
Full Price: $28 for 250mL


Elizabeth Grant: Skin Care Moisturizing Stick: This is a highly moisturizing balm that leaves your lips feeling smooth and hydrated. I have used this and to be honest, I would rather spend less money on a drugstore lip balm. This doesn't do anything special for me. Although, you could probably use this on dryer spots on the body (elbows, knees). It has a light melon scent which is nice.
Full Price: $12 for 5g

Wella Professionals: Brilliance Shampoo: This shampoo is supposed to enhance coloured hair and provide shine with diamond dust. This is my favourite product out of the ones I received. I love the scent and it lasts a really long time in your hair. Even when it is dry. 
Full Price: $13.99 for 300mL

Oscar de la Renta: Live in Love Fragrance: This perfume is supposed to be green floral (whatever that means). It is a nice scent I would maybe wear once in a while. It is not too old ladyish. I personally don't like non-spray samples so I will be giving this to my mom :)
Full Price: $62 for 30mL

Elizabeth Arden: Prevage Day: This day cream is supposed to fight the signs of environmental damage and enhance skin's natural moisture. I haven't tried this on my face (I don't like moisturizer during the day) but on my hand it didn't seem tinted. Although I feel like this will give a dewy glow to the face. If you have oily skin, you might not like it. But I will give it a try.
Full Price: $160 for 50mL

Beauty So Clean: Wipes and Spray: This brand is all about the sanitizing your make up. The wipes are to sanitize products like lip sticks, lip glosses and stuff like that. The spray is supposed to sanitize powder and cream products (blush, eye shadow). The wipes and spray both sanitize in 10 seconds. 
I don't share my make up very often. I know you have bacteria from yourself. But I think these would be good in a purse! You can take them make up shopping and sanitize the product before testing. Especially lipstick.
Full Price: Wipes are $12.50 for 48 wipes. Spray is $15.99 for 125mL

Total Value:
Ahava Body Lotion: $4.48
Lip Moisturizing Stick: $8.40
Wella Shampoo:$2.33
Oscar de la Renta Perfume: $8.23
Prevage Lotion: $22.40
Beauty so Clean wipes: $1.04
                       spray: $1.02

Total Box: $47.90

For paying $15 for the box, I think it is a pretty good value. Although, some of the other boxes can get this high and you pay less for them. I am still staying subscribed the Glossy Box but I would like to see more make up. If I don't see very much make up by the summer, I will probably unsubscribe because that is why I subscribe to the boxes. 
I understand this is their first box in Canada but they have been doing it around the world already. I know for previous make up products in the UK boxes, they try to keep it in the country. (Canadian made products) So this could be their issue this month. I want to give them a fair go though!

I did like everything about this box (packaging, samples sizes, shipping time) but I was expecting different kinds of samples. I have gotten some of these brands before in boxes. :(


-Caitlin xoxo

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