Monthly Box Comparison: TOPBOX

I am writing this post first because I don't have much experience with the actual boxes. I have received one that I got in a Facebook giveaway. I am using a lot of the information on their website to write this and will give certain personal thoughts but it won't be as detailed as the upcoming posts!

Name: Topbox
Price: $10 plus tax 
Amount of Samples: 4 deluxe samples
Subscription Options: monthly
Shipping Date: week of the 10th with tracking number

Topbox started shipping their boxes in November 2011 and instantly became popular because of the sizes and brands of their samples. In the first box, the sent out a full-sized Deborah Lippmann nail polish and a full-sized Cake hand lotion. Because of this box everyone got so excited and ordered, there is now a WAIT LIST until June/July to get a box. 
The box is $10 a month (plus tax) and it is a reoccurring charge to your credit card so you don't have to order every month. Every month you are guaranteed 4 deluxe sized samples, maybe even full-sized samples. Each month, they try to customize products for each individual whether it be a scent, or colour, or hair colour.

Did You Know..?
On Facebook, Topbox posted that they made a mistake
 in February by sending out little sample sizes!

The Topbox packaging is completely different than any of the other boxes. It is actually not a box at all, it is a TUBE. The packaging of the tube is even 100% recyclable! Topbox is well aware of the Earth and being nature friendly. 
The tube is made out of recycled kraft paper. The way this material is processed takes less material and energy. The packaging is also smaller which means more tubes can fit in a truck, using less gas! The tubes are also wrapped in wall paper like material so that you can reuse the tubes for storage or giving away with a present inside! 
Want to know more?

Did You Know..?
Topbox posted on Facebook that people who 
review boxes should wait at least 5 days after the boxes 
are sent out to post a link on the Facebook wall!

Examples of Products: 
Like I said, I have only received one box myself. So I have other people's boxes to help me out with this part.
I received mainly skin care products and I didn't get any make up :(
To see my box click here!
One their website they used to have a link to see previous boxes but I can't find it! :( Now they have a brand page and you can click on the brand to see products they sent out from that brand. Right Here!
Topbox is the first company to do this, others just have the brands listed.
If you want to see sample sizes, I would go to youtube and look up the boxes if you haven't already or even google if you want a blog post. 
From what I have seen, samples sizes are always amazing and they are the biggest out of all the companies.
I feel like it is a guessing game on whether you will get a make up sample though so if you are in it for make up samples another box might be a better option.

Extra Perks:
Topbox has a couple extra perks to their boxes both including feedback surveys on samples received!
1. If you fill out a survey you have a chance of winning a full size product from that month. Topbox will pick 4 people to receive a full size product just for reviewing a product!
2. If you fill out a survey you get 10 points towards getting a free box! When you receive 1000 points you get a free box that month! 
Let's do some math:  
If you get 4 products a month and it is 10 points per survey = 
40 points a month
1000 points divided by 40 points a month =
25 months!!!!!

It is a good idea, but maybe Topbox should reduce the amount of points for a free box.

Customer Service:
I don't have toooo much experience with their customer service. But from what I have had, it is really good. They always get back to you within a couple days. You can ask a general (not account specific) question on Facebook and they will comment there too! (or another customer!)
They are always posting links on Facebook and Twitter and they ask questions on things they want to know about you! They also post a sneak peak picture on their Facebook of the tubes from that month!

Personal Thoughts:
I truly feel Topbox is one of the best companies in Canada doing this! They stick to a schedule, the always have amazing sample sizes (true deluxe size) and they are on top of communicating with customers. Obviously the bad part about Topbox is the long wait list.
Some people are disappointed with their boxes if they see the first box (in November) because they want the full size nail polish and the full size hand cream but every month cannot be like that. So I would recommend looking up the most recent boxes so that you can see what the company is forming into.
I really liked my box in January. I was disappointed that I didn't get make up because that is why I like monthly boxes, but the sample sizes were better than any other box that month and that is what stands out to me. 
I have a million hand creams and face creams so to be honest I don't need anymore. But in my box, I got a foot cream which I hadn't gotten before and also a big size of shampoo and also different from any box, dry shampoo. I did unfortunately get a hand cream but what can you do? It was a decent purse size sample though!
Another thing is the perks. I had to look up the perks because I don't get my boxes monthly yet and don't really follow that stuff. But I think the chance to win a full size product, just from filling out a survey, is great. But I feel like having the free box be at 1000 points is a little ridiculous. I think Topbox should reduce that amount or increase the amount of points per survey. Because waiting 2 years for a free box is kind of pointless.

If you don't mind waiting to get a box or are not interested in the perks, I would recommend signing up to be on the wait list. It is a great company and I feel that they really succeed in expectations. I would definitely recommend this company to a friend (I have actually) but the wait list kind of puts everyone off.
I would recommend going on the wait list and subscribing to another box in the mean time.

-Caitlin xoxo



marsbar35 March 9, 2012 at 8:24 AM

I didn't know topbox gave us points? I have never seen them in my profile on their site?

marsbar35 March 9, 2012 at 8:30 AM

I just thought we were entered in the draw...

Samantha Cheng April 1, 2012 at 7:40 PM

Where did you get the Topbox points info. I can't find it on their website.

EverHip03 April 1, 2012 at 7:46 PM

SAMANTHA CHENG: it is the second question from the bottom! :)

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