August Glymm Box 2

Hey Guys! Okay so I had this as a draft when I thought it had posted. But this is what I got in my August Glymm Box Part 2.
I received 2 boxes because the company had sent me the wrong one. To be honest, it didn't bother me. I loved the stuff I got still. But they sent me a new one anyways. If you got a box in July, you should have received this box instead of the other I showed.

They had run out of the That Gal primer, so I received the Stay Don't Stray primer. I am not sure on the size and full price of it since it isn't on the card. It adds a little nude coverage. Which is good for eye primer. But I use this as primer for my concealer so it adds to that as well. :)

Supergoop: Sunscreen Swipes (SPF 30): These are sunscreen wipes. I am saving them for next summer since the summer was almost over and I didn't do anything that needed a SPF of 30 :P
Full Price: 21 wipes for $34

Smashbox: Lip Enhancing Gloss: I got one of these glosses in my first August Box. And I really like them! They aren't too sticky and they make your lips soft. They have great pigmentation too!
Full Size: 0.2oz for $18

B. Kamins: Vegetable Cleanser: This is a really nice cleanser. I used it a couple times and decided to save it for travelling since it is so tiny. But I bought the B.Kamins Acne cleanser instead :)
Full Size: 6 fl.oz for $34

So that's all I got in my 2nd August Glymm Box. :) I hope you guys enjoy and if you want to subscribe to glymm you can use my referral link if you want. :) Just click the glymm picture to the right! :)

-Caitlin xoxo

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