Drugstore Haul

This video isn't posted yet, I am just updating my blog now though :) and since I filmed the video I picked up two more things from the drugstore. Another Essie nail polish and a new mascara! :)

I went to a certain drugstore near my house to get the NYX products since my normal one doesn't have it. :( I also got the Organix, NYC and 2 Essie nail polishes there. And then the 2 other items I got at Shoppers. :D

I would recommend getting the Essie polishes at Rexall rather then Shoppers because at Shoppers they are regular $11.99 and were on sale for $10.99 and at Rexall they were $9.99 regular (I think) :)

But now for the products and pictures! :)

Essie Nail Polish: I got these colours for fall since I only have bright colours and I wanted some darker more natural ones. :) I picked up "Sew Psyched" since the video. :)


NYX Products: I got 3 eye shadows and an eye liner. My drugstore only had eye products and a few lip products. :( I really wanted to try the blushes.

NYC Lip Stain: I really wanted a lip stain but they are all kind of expensive so when I saw this, I decided to try it out since it was only $5. I will be doing a review on this coming up with in the next week. :)

Organix: I got this combo accidentally. I meant to get the same conditioner as the shampoo. But oh well. :) I am hoping this keeps the colour in my hair longer since it is sulfate free.

Bourjois: my new mascara! :) I wanted to try this after seeing Swalkersmakeup 's autumn make up video because her eye lashes were amazing in it! I do really like it so far except be careful with step 2 because it can clump really easily.

It is the same exact brush, so you can see how much more product step 2 has. :P

That is it for now though! :)

-Caitlin xoxo

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