Fortune Cookie Soaps

Hey Guys! Sorry this took forever to post :( I either forgot, or something would come up when I planned to post this!
But this post is on Fortune Cookie Soaps!
I absolutely love them, and cannot wait to order again! My boyfriend loves them too, so I think this is going to be our favourite soap from now on!

I got 4 soaps and a gelato bath bomb! The scents I got were:
Takes the Cake
The Candy Addict
Caramel Apple
Pink Lemonade
and the bath bomb is in Jolly Peach

Picture Time!

Takes the Cake: this is supposed to smell like wedding cake, but to me it was just a buttery scent. This was my boyfriend's favourite though~

 the glitter:

The Candy Addict: This is supposed to smell like candy, I would assume. But to me, this smelt like laundry soap :S

 the size:

Caramel Apple: this smells AMAZING! The look of it is also very appealing! It smells like apple and caramel, and the "caramel" has the texture and look of real caramel! 

Pink Lemonade: This one smells absolutely amazing! It is sooo strong and it smells exactly like pink lemonade, soooo good! :)

the glitter:

Jolly Peach Gelato: The gelato bath bombs look amazing! I don't want to use it because it looks so real! And this one has an amazing scent :) I would buy it again, but it is not on the site :(

I loved all the products, the soaps work great! I would order from them again, but get some different scents to try out! :)

-Caitlin xoxo

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