Review Requests!

Hey Guys! Okay so I have 2 packages coming in the mail soon. So I will do reviews on that stuff. But... I need to know what kind of reviews you guys want! It can be anything and if it is a product I don't have, and it is not toooo pricey I can always buy it to review. I will be doing more of my own in the future. But I would like ideas from you too! (So I know what you like)

Also, I am going to IMATS so I will review the stuff I get there. I can review stuff I already own, and I can purchase stuff like I said before!
If you have ideas, let me know down below, or message me on youtube. Even if you have heard of a product but won't buy it till you see a review on it... PERFECT! 

Thank you guys!

-Caitlin xoxo

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