October Glymm Box

Hey Guys! Sooooo according to Canada Post, I was supposed to get my Glymm box on the 14th... but it wasn't in my mailbox. :( But I got it today, and I didn't mind waiting after I saw what was in it! It had 2 full size products and a realllllllly expensive one. :) And also, one I have wanted to try ever since I heard about it. :) So now for the pictures! :)

the new box is gets mailed in:


The halloween packaging:

The Glymm message:

The product card:

The products in the box!

Caudalie: Premier Cru Cream: this is basically a face lotion that you use daily to help nourish and firm your skin. It is also anti-aging. It smells like normal lotion :) The sample has a super tiny hole for the product to come out, so i am going to guess you don't need a lot. Especially at $150 you wouldn't want to use a lot. :P
Full Price: $150 for 50mL (the card says 3.2g but I think that might be wrong :S)

Lise Watier: Lip Kiss Crayon Gloss: an amazing colour jumbo lip pencil pretty much. It is a nice bright red/pink colour with red sparkles in it. It definitely spices up a look. It is great for the new trend this fall of bright red lips. You might need to wear a lipgloss over top if your lips are dry since you can see the chapped lips. 
Full Size: $ 18 for 2.8g (this one is a full size)

Principessa: Bacio Lip Balm: the is a huge size lip balm. It smells like shea butter, probably because that is what is in it. :P It feels really good on your lips, but once it starts to soak in, my lips still have the dry feeling when rubbed together. :( Maybe after using it for a bit, that will go away. :)
Full Size: $11 for 0.5 fl. oz. (this one is full size)

Blinc: Blinc Mascara:  this is a mascara that is supposed to tube your lashes, not just coat them. You put it on like normal mascara and it is not supposed to flake, run, clump or smudge. It is also supposed to be water proof. :) Every girls perfect mascara. You are only supposed to take it off with warm water and a little pressure, and the tubes are supposed to come off your lashes whole. It looks like your lashes came out in the sink.
Full Price: $30 for 0.21 fl. oz. 

And of course.. the jelly bellies! :) They are black and orange for halloween! :D

If you guys aren't already subscribed to Glymm Box you should totally subscribe! It is an amazing deal, and you get to try out so many new brands and products. Even the really expensive ones. :D

This box is worth:
Caudalie Lotion: $6
Lise Watier Lip Pencil: $18
Principessa Lip Balm: $11
Blinc Mascara: $20

Total Box: $55 

:O  that is a good deal for $10 :)

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-Caitlin xoxo

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